Going Public…where it all began…

In the early 1990s there was a poem called The Seduction that touched the heart of a man called Paul. He gathered some friends who were all inspired and motivated by the life, teaching and example of Jesus, and who were passionate about speaking into culture; about reaching and serving all people. AND SO GOING PUBLIC BEGAN. It started with a tour around the UK exploring the issues of sex, relationships and identity through drama, music and video: tears were shed, laughter rang out and copious amounts of coffee were consumed. All these years later, we – a new group of friends who, with Paul, are the bearers of this Going Public mantle – believe that through action and creativity we can bring hope. Our audacious dream is to create an environment of learning and inspiration where we can discover together what God is doing and what He is dreaming! The work has developed and there are now three strands to Going Public which complement each other: the Theatre Company, Internship Programme and Sound of Wales.


Going Public has been running internships since 1999 – you could say we have a long track record of investing in and raising up young people in all sorts of ways…it’s what we have loved doing for years, and what we still love to do now.

With over 170 young adults coming through our programme to date, it has grown and developed over the years, however you are still our first priority at Going Public. Our heart now, as it was back in 1999, is to see young adults develop skills, explore new gifts, to gain knowledge, to be challenged, to strengthen faith, to reflect on all that is happening and to be sent out to be missional for the Kingdom.


SOW was launched in 2011 and became part of the Going Public Trust. Its vision was to create a movement of collaborating musicians and creatives, encouraging them to use creativity in all its diverse expressions to take the message of God’s love to the nation and nations. The call of Sound of Wales was specifically to help resource the churches in Wales, equipping them musically, leading at conferences, training and also using music to share the good news.

Wales is known as the land of song across the world – and we in Wales have a great inheritance of song to offer the world at large. This combined with the glorious truth of God’s love made for an exciting vehicle to see revival in individuals, communities, churches and nations.


Going Pubic was launched in 1993 at a time of rising teen pregnancies especially in South Wales. Its sole purpose was to connect with young people and talk about the importance of sex education and healthy relationships. It began with tours across the UK involving an evening of music, drama and a talk – but it became apparent that the drama was by far the most effective way of engaging young people. So in 2005 the Going Public Theatre Company began, with a live theatre show “In Search Of A Happy Ending” that looked at healthy relationships. This is our longest running piece and is still the most popular. The rest, as they say, is history and we are constantly developing and creating new theatre-based resources to speak to a wide range of audiences.