COVID-19 statement

We hope you are well and staying safe.

These are very strange and challenging times. It is certainly true that none of us have ever
experienced anything like this before. These are particularly difficult times for charities and we just
wanted to let you know that all of us at Going Public are so thankful for your support.

The current situation with Covid-19 and the restrictions put in place by the Government has meant it
is highly unlikely that any of our schools work, face to face ministries or events will be able to
continue into the summer term. We are, however, still committed to bringing hope through
creativity where we can during this time. Megan has released some videos based around our Bee
the Best Me Primary School resource in the hope that they will bless and support families. Sound of
Wales are creating a YouTube Channel full of content which we hope will be a valuable resource that
will bless and support both churches and individuals.

We ask for your continued support and prayers to help us sustain Going Public in these difficult
times. We are so thankful for you all and pray for your continued health and well-being.

The Going Public Team