A little about us…

Going Public is a charity that seeks to impart hope and transform communities through the creative arts. Inspired and motivated by our Christian faith, we champion and celebrate the intrinsic worth of every life in all that we do.

Just as creativity takes many forms, our work in the community takes many forms. Our Theatre In Education team take presentations exploring issues relevant to young people into schools and youth groups. We invest in young adults through our Creative Internship that offers training and opportunity to advance skills, grow faith and discover new gifts. We tour evening presentations that equip the local church to support the well-being of their communities.

More hope is needed in our world now than in any time we have known. The team is currently adapting and preparing to resource those most impacted by the pandemic and bring relief and support where we can.

Celebrating 30 years…

In the early 1990s, a group of friends passionate about speaking into culture and inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus toured the UK with a presentation exploring issues relating to sex, relationships and identity – a concern that dominated the headlines at that time. This presentation involved drama, music, video and storytelling. Tears were shed, laughter rang out and copious amounts of coffee were consumed. These friends, having experienced first-hand the impact of the creative arts, renewed their commitment to bring hope to contemporary social issues through the transforming power of creativity. AND SO GOING PUBLIC BEGAN.

All these years later, we – the bearers of the Going Public mantle – are as convinced as ever that through action and creativity we can bring hope to our nation. Our audacious dream is to create safe environments of learning, healing, hope and encouragement as we discover together the gift offered to us by Jesus: to know and experience life in all its fullness.