Going Public Internships

There is something life giving about joining the internship programme. It provides a fantastic opportunity for you to develop and grow as you learn, give and serve.

Going Public’s internship programme is a 3, 6 or 10-month programme based in Cardiff.

Join us and let the internship be a doorway to your dreams and fruitfulness for God. You may already know an area of ministry God is calling you to – that’s great – we will build a programme around the passions, skills and gifts He has given you.

You may be looking for a broad range of experiences, or maybe you simply don’t have a clue WHAT you want to do! That’s great too – we will support you on your journey of discovery as God opens and closes doors guiding you towards the plans He has for you.

So, if you’re aged between 18 and 25 and you’re up for giving up to a year of your life completely over to God’s agenda, read on…

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The internship

Every programme is made up of a healthy balance between learning (Explore), practicing what you’ve learnt (Action)
and reflecting
on all aspects of your experience (Nurture).

Explore – Fill your head

Your training programme will equip you with knowledge and skills that you can put into practice throughout your internship and beyond! We hope that you will stretch yourself and grow in your understanding, capability and confidence through the things you are taught.

Core modules

Term one
Exploring the Bible and helping you to be grounded in it

Term two
1. Kingdom Intensive – an in-depth look at Jesus teaching about the Kingdom of God.

2. Spiritual Formation and Missional Church.

Term three
Leadership development helping to prepare you to lead.

A series of practical, informative, interactive and fun workshops.

Action – Use your hands

A disciple is a learner-doer.  What you learn is what you do.  It’s faith in action.

You may know exactly what sort of ministry God is calling you to do, you may want to try out loads of different things or you haven’t got a clue!

Don’t worry, we will do whatever we can to give you an internship that challenges you, helps you grow, lets you use your gifts, passions and personality, and above all inspires you. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

Going Public is part of the Glenwood Faith Community. This is a partnership of friends and charities who are committed to one another and the vision of Glenwood Church of changing lives and communities. This partnership means we can offer a breath of experiences, with over 40 different ministry opportunities. We can offer you a wide variety including youth work, drama, creative arts, social action, children’s work, pastoral care, community work, worship and many more…also we are open to suggestions!

There are lots of people who join us expecting to go in one direction, and end up being led somewhere completely different! This year is about so much more than what you do on a day-to-day basis. It’s about growing closer to God, listening to him, and becoming more like Jesus.

Nurture – listen to your heart

You will be assigned a mentor, who will be a more mature Christian and they will help you reflect on your experiences, they will ensure you’re doing okay in all areas of your life, and they’ll take you out for a coffee when you just need a break!

We hope that you will develop a close relationship with your mentor, and that you will learn from one another as you share your lives and experiences.

Being mentored can be challenging, but we expect it to be one of the most valuable experiences you have during your time with us, and we hope that as a result you will leave us understanding more about yourself and God.