• demanding jobs
  • exhausting parenting
  • friendships that need our full attention
  • great uncertainties in our society
  • a diary that is full of church meetings
  • financial pressures

…all drain our spiritual and emotional energy

How can you rediscover your hidden life?

This is such an important question that needs answering. It’s essential we do because we can’t undervalue the importance of our interior world. It defines who we are and how we live. The health of our soul really does matter!

Soul Care is an evening to help us regain a spiritually and emotionally healthy life that works for us – it can be achieved! Paul has been through major burnout and Cath has battled with depression and anxiety. They will share, with humour and honesty, lessons they have learned about the importance of Soul Care and emotional well-being.

Soul Care explores rhythms of life that help us open our hearts to a deeper connection with God. Using personal stories, song, film and drama, Soul Care explains different spiritual rhythms that help us.

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Paul Francis

Paul Francis

Paul leads Glenwood Church and the Glenwood Faith Community in Cardiff. He has been in ‘Christian ministry’ for over 30 years including 7 as a youth worker and the last 15 years as Senior leader of the church. Paul experienced major burnout. He is author of ‘the little small book on soul care’ and is married to Jane.
Cath Woolridge

Cath Woolridge

Cath leads the ‘Sound of Wales’ collective. She is passionate about Wales, worship and creativity and interlinks them to tell the story of God’s love. As a 30 year old woman Cath has battled with anxiety and depression and strongly believes vulnerability is a key in setting people free.